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Skype App Review

Skype has been the leading app for video or audio call from user to user lately, since then, Skype has been a common name in our Desktop and even our phones and mobile devices.
Skype app doesnt need money to send a call to our distant relatives from all over the world.
The app is fluid and has easy in-app sign in or sign up. Chat is easy, with multiple tabs for various users, although the time delay and video lag is still an issue. Voice call and audio quality are good, and takes less Mbps in our network, but we still strongly recommend use a stable wifi over 3g.

Skype Directory is easy and fast, and online and offline icons are spot on. The main concern in skype app is the text chat interface, Skype decided to use The SEND button instead the return button in the keyboard, which we all are used to.
Skype still hasn’t included the multiple or group chat in iOS app, which was hard to deal with since Video Call is becoming more popular.

All in all Skype is still a great app, fast and fluid while it still can do the job right, and easy minute sign up account, the app is definitely a must-have for all ages, for school or work or just for Peer chat, Skype is the one to install in your iDevice.



GunCrafter AppReview

A minecraft clone game, but this time its online with various players competing with each other.
Create and place blocks on the table to desire gun style, unlock block material for stronger weapon.

The game is fluid and snappy, animations are good, but controls are easy but you need a keen eye for them because its too small.
The game is addicting, player vs player on which one has more destroyed blocks, pretty easy and compelling,
We recommend to download this game NOW, if you like online player vs player match 🙂

Clash Of Clans App Review

The Backyard monsters for iOS, the game is the BOMB.
Clash of clans by supercell, has taken the iOS environment by storm, making it the first iOS exclusive app to dominate the app store top list of free games.
Create a village, train troops for global battle, join or create clan (group), chat with friends or global, attack and defend and so on and so on.

The game also adds personal preference with specials like Halloween or christmas theme.

The game also lets user to decorate their village, arrange arsenals and do more with magic or as they like to say it MAGIK.


Chat with thousands of other players in the world or chat and donate troops in your clan.
The game is fast, less to no lag and very well constructed BUT it may be free but in-app purchases are a little bit pricey than other apps.


The gems they require are high and if you want a good base fast, spend your whole monthly salary on this, yikes! 😦

Items in the game shop are pricey too, i guess they make the stakes a little higher to boost profit in this amazing game.
But all in all this app is mind blowing and a must have, it also adds user competitiveness by placing leagues and top players worldwide or in your local country.



Downloads HD App Review

iOS sadly has restrictions, like downloading videos and files on the marvelous INTERNET.
Gladly a year ago i stumbled upon Downloads- a free app. It was the best file downloading experience, Youtube videos, music, mp3, pdf and almost all files that can be downloaded all in one app and a browser that tops Safari.
Again it has a limited download count, so i bought the very cheap Full version which is Downloads HD.





And now every time i tap a movie or video i can decide to download it or not (that awesome power!) that works on mp3 and pdf!
An app that has a fast simple browser, has a independent photo library and music library and folder organization and you can switch to Safari browser and Firefox browser with ease… The price is a bargain!
Although barely updated and few to no crashes, its reliable and in short the app is AWESOME.
we have been using this app for more than a year now and we still love it.

fyi: long tap to save image if you use the app.

Backplane App Review


This app review is for all the Little Monsters out there, yes it’s Backplane App sent by trixie77 to us.
Backplane isn’t really just about Lady Gaga, its a social app that combines Instagram and twitter where a user can follow a user and like post… Posts are divided into two Hot and New like 9gag more votes means in Hot page.
The app is unfortunately only available in iPhone and iPod, the app needs more compatible devices in iOS.



Above picture A fan art drawing of Gaga in her weird skull bones.
Below picture A handy notification bar for… Well notifications and settings.

Scrolling using the app isnt slow, knowing Gaga and iOS. The images take a period to load, and the app doesn’t get updated often.

Graphics are almost blurry, even with retina and Backplane is almost about Gaga.
But the app has just been released, we can bet more features will come soon and make it better knowing its growing population.

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DUMB WAYS TO DIE app review

If you didn’t heard about Metro Trains Safety in Melbourne, Australia’s Viral safety video… You have been officially living under a rock.
With its savvy tunes, cute bean shaped faces, it catches many peoples attention and popularity online and iOS.
The safety video aims to teach people to be more careful in public transportation especially rail trains. But the free app aims users to have bloody gore of cuteness kind of fun that works!

There it is, an untapped app of cute bean people dying… Er i mean cute people… Yay.

The app it self is somewhat minimalistic with just a decapitated guy hanging and a start button.

Yup, he’s right more cute and injured candy peole will fill up the train station… So much anticipation.


We take it back… That guy looks disgusting as hell. The game is a fast, straight forward game much like Impossible test but this is more natural looking and ad free.

Every checkpoint in the game has life meter with 3… I mean 2 dancing injured beanie.

One that got me addicted in play the game is when, this piranha, is trying to eat the dancing guy’s PRIVATE PARTS, not really a child friendly game… But who cares? Got gore!


Yup these are truly dumb ways to die.
But what really makes this game good is the Safety Pledge.

It adds more of security and safety in the game, that makes it only not fun but educational which is pretty rare these days.

Our review? This game is epic and we recommend people to download this game immediately!
Guess who got happy? These guys…


Watch the Safety Video below. All credit goes to the original uploader and Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia.