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Modern Combat 4 Game Review





Gameloft has delivered and raised the gaming expectation in iOS game platform, especially in FPS and TPS with products like NOVA series and MC series.
MC3 or rather the MC series is commonly dubbed “the call of duty mobile/on iPhone” which many will agree. No doubt MC marked its territory on the AppStore and including Android devices.
Sadly to say Modern Combat 4 disappointed us. But lets first look at the positive side of buying and playing MC4 zero hour.

We cant deny it, the graphics on Gameloft’s games cannot be compared to others, i mean they even improved it in this game, looks like a stunning pc without retina, looks like a piece of art in retina.

This is no surprise but they designed maps with sheer brainstorming and well thought multiplayer maps with levels and floors, settings like hotels, missile laboratory and others!

Some weapons may be in there but they have improved its features and design and reload barrels don’t stuck into walls anymore!

The most exciting about playing MC4 is its storyline, playing the games feels like playing and even controlling a movie with its Hollywood like plot and cinematic.
Controls are smooth and we can see little duration of loading missions than before. A new feature comes with this game… Gore we can toggle it for more realistic blood shed in the game… Who doesn’t love that?!

Now we can see the negative side and why don’t recommend buying MC4 for others especially multiplayer and online gaming lovers.

as mentioned before MC4 has smooth controls but very easy to miss, the controls are fixed into place, no editing them to be bigger or move them that lacks personal customization in the game. We can feel the controls has been rushed in the development of the game, has only three control themes which is disappointing.

gameloft did improve the graphics like theres no tomorrow, but the lags are horrible, especially in multiplayer when someone is about to shoot you. Running and jumping in campaign makes it more slower… Suggestion to this problem is turning off gore and other effects, gyroscope to make it faster… But then again thats what the portion we paid for… Graphics!

we are all frustrated when we got shot or bombed in any online match… If w e could only have just more time in the life in multiplayer… MC4 is not it. 1-3 shots WILL kill you a pro in the game would still have at least 10 deaths in a single match. All players would not like that.

MC3 has a start menu with a soldier just moving around and looking up to the planes… Which we personally love but i guess more graphics and less moving.

if your a low tempered, COD loving gamer them go ahead and buy one but if your a Pro or a Noob with high expectations, just go ahead and buy temple run 2 its less laggy and more jumpy.