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Did Tablets taken over the Market?

Mobile is VERY “in” these days yet somehow, no one notices the rapid decline of desktop computers.
As phones begins to get larger and tablets evolve to be smaller, we can now buy a smartphone and tablets in under $20!
Who even uses the Ethernet cable? All we need is a router! 1Tb? 3TB is available in a usb stick! All-in-one revolution doesn’t stop, We can virtually be ready to go when we only got the iPad!
Some say flash and Java is’nt available on the mobile, we beg to disagree, sites and online games continue to deplete and competing in an obviously winning APPS, companies starts to rely on Hybrid computers with a very like characteristics of a mobile software, more and more laptops and desktop begin to be smaller, lighter, thinner, unibody (all-in-one) and independent from electricity.
Even microsoft developed a tablet with an exact capabilities of a desktop!

So will you stick to the traditional way? Or the modern way?

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ios 7 is just around the corner, being the biggest event happened in the ios environment, IGW is here to spread the word!

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iOS 7: Has Android taken a bite of Apple?


Its no surprise that Apple loves shade colors and adore simplicity, but Apple took the biggest risk of their name… A puke of rainbows.
Now, is it a huge leap or a major Fail? Let’s see.

The new iOS 7 interfaces has a blunt mixture of Windows 8 and Android… Why you ask?

Android and iOS 7
Control Center. More functionality obviously taken from android.
Translucent. The notification bar and advance controls gives a semi-clear transparent background.
Icon separated from the background (tilt screen wallpaper). This isn’t new, we first seen this in the S3 and perfected in the S4.

Windows 8 and iOS 7
Colors. More vibrant and colorful than ever. Bye simplicity.
Minimalism. Now me personally i worship minimalism but for apple? I think we’re not ready. Different colors for important details looks like a nyan cat, irritating and childish, what will happen to business and work? iOS 7 will be 100% play and entertainment.

Verdict. Its still the mass’s opinion if they like it, as for us its a Hate and Love relationship. What do you think about iOS 7 interface change and not many new utilities and functions? Comment below!


Daily Tips#6

As much as possible, avoid contact of liquids in the SmartCover, it can destroy your case’s magnetic latch.

Daily Tip #5

Some people ignore the Apple Warranty, they’re confident enough to take care their iDevice without protection and coverage… That’s why we receive a lot of BROKEN complaints when apple provides the solution… THINK ABOUT IT.

We Strongly Recommend buy Apple Warranty, its not only for them but also saves a lot of your money savings.

Daily Tip #4

Having Software problems on your iOS device? Reset it by pressing the Home Button and Sleep/Wake button until it shuts down automatically, keep both pressed until the Apple Logo appears.