Daily Tip #5

Some people ignore the Apple Warranty, they’re confident enough to take care their iDevice without protection and coverage… That’s why we receive a lot of BROKEN complaints when apple provides the solution… THINK ABOUT IT.

We Strongly Recommend buy Apple Warranty, its not only for them but also saves a lot of your money savings.


Daily Tip #4

Having Software problems on your iOS device? Reset it by pressing the Home Button and Sleep/Wake button until it shuts down automatically, keep both pressed until the Apple Logo appears.

Minecraft PE 0.7.0 Update Release Date.

Mixed feelings about the Release Date.
But i will let the pictures speak for them selves.





The last tweet was disappointing, after long wait and the update quality is still mediocrity. But here’s the answer for the update release date.


What’s the device best suits you?

Being an iOS user is the most wonderful thing happened to me, and most people will agree.
The privileges of STYLE MEETS FUNCTIONALITY is true and some apple haters will agree too.
But having that privilege comes with a hefty price, we all know apple products are one of the most expensive household brand name in our society, and picking a product without planning it can do the opposite of what you expected it to do… Helping you.

Lets see what device best suites you…
Arguably, the most known phone in the world. Why? hey what phone have you got?…samsung…what model? but unlike apple hey what have you got?…iPhone…cool see the difference? iPhone is iPhone. A device all in one, sms, voice call, apps, and its small and lightweight size.

We like to call this as iPhone lite. Kinda looks like an iPhone BEFORE but has no sms, sim card, sd card, voice call but has apps and very light, thin, small pocket size device.

This is more of a business device, its size is not for street use and is recommended to be use at private places. Its beautiful large screen creates a big touch heaven both for working hard and playing hard.

iPad mini.
Again we like to call this iPad lite. Smaller than the iPad but is more mobile, carry able and has the same functions as an iPad.

Daily Tip #3

You can save battery life and power by switching off notifications and turning on DO NOT DISTURB MODE.

Daily Tip #2

When you are buying a screen protector for you phone or tablet, choose the anti-glare products.
It gives off much light and vision then regular ones.

Change your screen protector every 1 or 1 and half year.



The app of the week of 1st week of June is…


Simple Yet Addicting, it has weird cute sounds and funny cool animations that will make you play this for a while.

Go to AOTW page to download the app for free!