Happy Birthday Notch!


Guess who’s 34? Notch! Lets greet him a Happy Birthday even if he spent the day with his co-workers on Mojang 🙂


Daily Tips #1

Zoom In

Most iOS users dont know hot to zoom in their apps, unlike in browsing (pinch to zoom out/in), apps zoom is probably different on what you think it is.

You don’t have to have vision problems to want to see things on your screen a little easier. Your iPhone’s robust Accessibility suite includes a nifty option for zooming in that works on the Home screen and inside most apps.

Go to Settings.
Tap General > Accessibility > Zoom.
Turn Zoom on.
From here, use the following gestures to control the settings on-the-fly:

Auto-zoom in and out: double-tap the screen with 3 fingers
Manually zoom in and out: tap the screen with 3 fingers and then drag up or down
Navigate a zoomed-in screen: drag the screen with 3 fingers


Skype App Review

Skype has been the leading app for video or audio call from user to user lately, since then, Skype has been a common name in our Desktop and even our phones and mobile devices.
Skype app doesnt need money to send a call to our distant relatives from all over the world.
The app is fluid and has easy in-app sign in or sign up. Chat is easy, with multiple tabs for various users, although the time delay and video lag is still an issue. Voice call and audio quality are good, and takes less Mbps in our network, but we still strongly recommend use a stable wifi over 3g.

Skype Directory is easy and fast, and online and offline icons are spot on. The main concern in skype app is the text chat interface, Skype decided to use The SEND button instead the return button in the keyboard, which we all are used to.
Skype still hasn’t included the multiple or group chat in iOS app, which was hard to deal with since Video Call is becoming more popular.

All in all Skype is still a great app, fast and fluid while it still can do the job right, and easy minute sign up account, the app is definitely a must-have for all ages, for school or work or just for Peer chat, Skype is the one to install in your iDevice.


Minecraft PE: The Untold Story part 4

Notch and leila traveled from ruined kingdoms to treacherous jungles and even came close to death once.
They found a village, untouched by evil, not destroyed, peaceful and prosperous.
Notch fell in Leila’s beauty, and married by a priestess.
The village was in a giant hole in the surface, self-sustaining and self-suffiecient.

Over the Years Rine’s power grew weak. Notch was just waiting for this time, but he longer waited for the appropriate time.
Notch was appointed the leader of the village, he named the hole… Synth.
Synth grew bigger and better, leading it to a town, and he instructed the people to instead building up, they should dig down. Because of this, the town became a city, bustling and busy underground hole and on the bottom of the hole… Notch’s Palace. Leila had a son, named Leo and daughter Myuna.
They grew to be strong warriors and defeated dragons and creatures everytime.
Notch left his kingdom with his two children, leaving Leila to rule while theyre gone. They set out with their tamed dragons to sky, on set course to Hall of Sorcery, an academy in the sky that uses magic of the light and darkness. To learn and seek help to defeat Rine.

Countries with APP-CRAZED Devices

Wonder who has the most downloads in the entire world?
IGW got it! This countries really have taken and dominated Apple’s AppStore by storm.
See if your country is listed.


GunCrafter AppReview

A minecraft clone game, but this time its online with various players competing with each other.
Create and place blocks on the table to desire gun style, unlock block material for stronger weapon.

The game is fluid and snappy, animations are good, but controls are easy but you need a keen eye for them because its too small.
The game is addicting, player vs player on which one has more destroyed blocks, pretty easy and compelling,
We recommend to download this game NOW, if you like online player vs player match 🙂



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