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iOS 7: Has Android taken a bite of Apple?


Its no surprise that Apple loves shade colors and adore simplicity, but Apple took the biggest risk of their name… A puke of rainbows.
Now, is it a huge leap or a major Fail? Let’s see.

The new iOS 7 interfaces has a blunt mixture of Windows 8 and Android… Why you ask?

Android and iOS 7
Control Center. More functionality obviously taken from android.
Translucent. The notification bar and advance controls gives a semi-clear transparent background.
Icon separated from the background (tilt screen wallpaper). This isn’t new, we first seen this in the S3 and perfected in the S4.

Windows 8 and iOS 7
Colors. More vibrant and colorful than ever. Bye simplicity.
Minimalism. Now me personally i worship minimalism but for apple? I think we’re not ready. Different colors for important details looks like a nyan cat, irritating and childish, what will happen to business and work? iOS 7 will be 100% play and entertainment.

Verdict. Its still the mass’s opinion if they like it, as for us its a Hate and Love relationship. What do you think about iOS 7 interface change and not many new utilities and functions? Comment below!