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AppStore vs. Google Play


Yup, a blog wouldn’t be a blog without a VS battle, and on the first VS post, its the head to head battle between Apple AppStore and Google Play.
Some of you might be thinking “oh apple sold a billion downloads blah blah blah” but this is one of the days Steve Jobs says… Theres not an app for that.

Recently, Google is on the move, faster than lightning, Play is almost tie to tie with AppStore. People who yesterday turn to apple products because of its massive application center environment is now out matched by Play.

Apple celebrated its 50th billion app downloads with a 10k iTunes gift certificate, the appstore is loads with cool stuff, with almost half a million and half of that is now iPad compatible. But not everything is cool and useful, your not a noob if you downloaded this when you first start using an iDevice.


Grrrrrr just even thinking about gives us chills. AppStore lacks phone personality, unlike Play… AppStore is really just Apps, without widgets, customization, third party UI and AI, AppStore is a floating duck waiting to be hit by a viral widget on Android.

We personally think AppStore lost the fight when removing Cydia from the AppStore, because you cant really jailbreak a device that easy, unlike rooting in the android.
Apple is currently losing the fight in the battle, with Youtube the most downloaded followed by Google Maps on iOS both owned by Google (irony). The top 10 most downloaded apps on iOS has only less than 5 publishers namely google, apple, facebook and some company who owns emoji 😉 who unlike google, has more publishers in different variety.

But don’t say Play doesn’t have holes too… In a faulty way… Not in a sexual way…er…uh sorry.
Play is the modern application market who is A double edge sword.
Google Play sells applications and widgets that hurts itself, dont know what im talking about? Check this out.

Everyone know this WILL lag and crash at the same time! Might as well search on the Play store the Trojan virus.

Google play using third party applications to run its own AI is a big risk taker, with robots and bugs and a app that downloads app without consent just places Google on privacy lawsuit… Again.
But we have to admit, browsing in Play is faster than AppStore.
But what google doesnt have is exclusive content, google tried exclusive content before but sadly did not just sell, Apple itself is centered at apps… It is what apple’s good at and they are doing a great job.
Apple takes care of the developers in AppStore and personally handles AppStore exclusive apps we love like COC which can be only found in iOS. Google’s developers need IT college just to make a Notes app. Apple itself encourages to make apps that out sells google by productivity, value and fun.

Although this post is mainly in Apple’s bumps, AppStore still reigns supreme in the app market. A famous quote of Genius employees is, when you buy the device you buy the piece of shiny metal, but your account is the same, you can sync your apps like you clone your iPhone and turned it larger and called it iPad. But google can still catch up following Symbian and Blackberry.