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Did Tablets taken over the Market?

Mobile is VERY “in” these days yet somehow, no one notices the rapid decline of desktop computers.
As phones begins to get larger and tablets evolve to be smaller, we can now buy a smartphone and tablets in under $20!
Who even uses the Ethernet cable? All we need is a router! 1Tb? 3TB is available in a usb stick! All-in-one revolution doesn’t stop, We can virtually be ready to go when we only got the iPad!
Some say flash and Java is’nt available on the mobile, we beg to disagree, sites and online games continue to deplete and competing in an obviously winning APPS, companies starts to rely on Hybrid computers with a very like characteristics of a mobile software, more and more laptops and desktop begin to be smaller, lighter, thinner, unibody (all-in-one) and independent from electricity.
Even microsoft developed a tablet with an exact capabilities of a desktop!

So will you stick to the traditional way? Or the modern way?

iOS 7: Has Android taken a bite of Apple?


Its no surprise that Apple loves shade colors and adore simplicity, but Apple took the biggest risk of their name… A puke of rainbows.
Now, is it a huge leap or a major Fail? Let’s see.

The new iOS 7 interfaces has a blunt mixture of Windows 8 and Android… Why you ask?

Android and iOS 7
Control Center. More functionality obviously taken from android.
Translucent. The notification bar and advance controls gives a semi-clear transparent background.
Icon separated from the background (tilt screen wallpaper). This isn’t new, we first seen this in the S3 and perfected in the S4.

Windows 8 and iOS 7
Colors. More vibrant and colorful than ever. Bye simplicity.
Minimalism. Now me personally i worship minimalism but for apple? I think we’re not ready. Different colors for important details looks like a nyan cat, irritating and childish, what will happen to business and work? iOS 7 will be 100% play and entertainment.

Verdict. Its still the mass’s opinion if they like it, as for us its a Hate and Love relationship. What do you think about iOS 7 interface change and not many new utilities and functions? Comment below!


Countries with APP-CRAZED Devices

Wonder who has the most downloads in the entire world?
IGW got it! This countries really have taken and dominated Apple’s AppStore by storm.
See if your country is listed.


Clash Of Clans App Review

The Backyard monsters for iOS, the game is the BOMB.
Clash of clans by supercell, has taken the iOS environment by storm, making it the first iOS exclusive app to dominate the app store top list of free games.
Create a village, train troops for global battle, join or create clan (group), chat with friends or global, attack and defend and so on and so on.

The game also adds personal preference with specials like Halloween or christmas theme.

The game also lets user to decorate their village, arrange arsenals and do more with magic or as they like to say it MAGIK.


Chat with thousands of other players in the world or chat and donate troops in your clan.
The game is fast, less to no lag and very well constructed BUT it may be free but in-app purchases are a little bit pricey than other apps.


The gems they require are high and if you want a good base fast, spend your whole monthly salary on this, yikes! 😦

Items in the game shop are pricey too, i guess they make the stakes a little higher to boost profit in this amazing game.
But all in all this app is mind blowing and a must have, it also adds user competitiveness by placing leagues and top players worldwide or in your local country.



Minecraft PE: The Untold Story part 2

Notch was born to a rich and noble family. Living in Tyrone Kingdom of Swords, a dragon that came from Rine destroyed the kingdom and his whole family while very young. Notch has set his mind and heart to take revenge and bring justice to his family and the mighty Tyrone Kingdom.

Many years has passed and the war between the people of Craft and Rine still wages, Notch decided to go to Tyrone Stronghold, where the 7 kingdoms of Tyrone have built underwater. Tyrone Stronghold was built in any accident a kingdom was siege and fallen and where kings were protected.

As the only living citizen of the kingdom of the swords, Notch was granted by the 6 Kings as an honorable speaker of the swords.





“6 kings of Tyrone, i, Notch of the The kingdom of the swords, to seek help and justice to the fallen kindom” Notch said before the 6 remaining kings of tyrone.

“What can we do? The dragons of Rine keeps getting stronger” king Blesyf of the kingdom of Chants answered “my kingdom is in brink of collapse! My people are in riots!” He added

“Calm youself my king” king Draska of the kingdom of guilds said “my people have been strong, thank god Craft, but the dragon left my kindom in fire, but we managed to salvage our kingdom.

“You are all wrong my Kings!” Notch screamed.
“How dare you talk to us like that!” King Caslko of kingdom of heard screamed.

“Pardon me but our god Craft is behind the attacks” he said.
The whole room stood in silence, kings confused and noble people in awe.

“And i believe 1 of the remaining 6 kings is working with Craft”
“What is the meaning of this?” king Soraf of kindom of Sea stood up.

“This can’t be, you? A peasant of a dead kingdom dare and define a king of Tyrone… Traitor?!” King Soraf continued.

“Again my apologies, but my words are true, and This stronghold, this mighty castle of Tyrone underwater is in danger”

“Impossible!” King blesyf screeched.
“Even rine can’t destroy this castle, The Tyrone kingdoms built this for thousands of years!” Soraf added

Out of nowhere, a Sorman, a large group of guild that is only pledge to protect Tyrone Stronghold and the 7 kingdoms with no part.

“My kings! 3 dragons are above the Tyrone Ocean! And they have spotted our Dome!” The warrior reported.

The six stood shock.

Finally, Soraf said.
“Notch of the Swords, i appoint you King of the fallen kingdom and answer before us”
“Who is it?”

Notch replied
“King Draska of the Tyrone Kingdom of Guilds is Craft’s Apprentice!”

part 3 up soon!

DUMB WAYS TO DIE app review

If you didn’t heard about Metro Trains Safety in Melbourne, Australia’s Viral safety video… You have been officially living under a rock.
With its savvy tunes, cute bean shaped faces, it catches many peoples attention and popularity online and iOS.
The safety video aims to teach people to be more careful in public transportation especially rail trains. But the free app aims users to have bloody gore of cuteness kind of fun that works!

There it is, an untapped app of cute bean people dying… Er i mean cute people… Yay.

The app it self is somewhat minimalistic with just a decapitated guy hanging and a start button.

Yup, he’s right more cute and injured candy peole will fill up the train station… So much anticipation.


We take it back… That guy looks disgusting as hell. The game is a fast, straight forward game much like Impossible test but this is more natural looking and ad free.

Every checkpoint in the game has life meter with 3… I mean 2 dancing injured beanie.

One that got me addicted in play the game is when, this piranha, is trying to eat the dancing guy’s PRIVATE PARTS, not really a child friendly game… But who cares? Got gore!


Yup these are truly dumb ways to die.
But what really makes this game good is the Safety Pledge.

It adds more of security and safety in the game, that makes it only not fun but educational which is pretty rare these days.

Our review? This game is epic and we recommend people to download this game immediately!
Guess who got happy? These guys…


Watch the Safety Video below. All credit goes to the original uploader and Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia.