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Minecraft PE v0.70




Minecraft PE 0.7.0 Update Release Date.

Mixed feelings about the Release Date.
But i will let the pictures speak for them selves.





The last tweet was disappointing, after long wait and the update quality is still mediocrity. But here’s the answer for the update release date.


Minecraft PE: The Untold Story part 4

Notch and leila traveled from ruined kingdoms to treacherous jungles and even came close to death once.
They found a village, untouched by evil, not destroyed, peaceful and prosperous.
Notch fell in Leila’s beauty, and married by a priestess.
The village was in a giant hole in the surface, self-sustaining and self-suffiecient.

Over the Years Rine’s power grew weak. Notch was just waiting for this time, but he longer waited for the appropriate time.
Notch was appointed the leader of the village, he named the hole… Synth.
Synth grew bigger and better, leading it to a town, and he instructed the people to instead building up, they should dig down. Because of this, the town became a city, bustling and busy underground hole and on the bottom of the hole… Notch’s Palace. Leila had a son, named Leo and daughter Myuna.
They grew to be strong warriors and defeated dragons and creatures everytime.
Notch left his kingdom with his two children, leaving Leila to rule while theyre gone. They set out with their tamed dragons to sky, on set course to Hall of Sorcery, an academy in the sky that uses magic of the light and darkness. To learn and seek help to defeat Rine.

FAQ: Minecraft v0.7.0 Release Date

So we have been receiving a lot of mails recently, WHEN THE F*CK THE UPDATE WILL BE OUT!
We, too, really want to know so we did a little searching. This is what stumbled us.


Delay, Delay, Delay! WTF? Sorry for the mean words but this update if i may add is supposed to be released in March!

Other old pictures of the update:



Yup seems like they are trying to resemble the PC and the PE version more closely.
P.S. disregard the 6.2 they changed it to 7.0

And for those who have Minecraft account can migrate as early as now to Mojang account to play the Realms in MCPE.

And for those who are new, you can get a free Mojang Account in this link MOJANG ACCOUNT

And lastly This tweet.



for help and questions email us at

Minecraft PE: the untold story part 3

King Draska has been seized by the order of the five kings and King Notch of the Swords.
But the Stronghold of Tyrone is still in danger, Dragons sent by Rine are above the waters ready to attack.
” Dont worry my beloved citizens of Tyrone” Blesyf said.
“Our forefathers have built this marvelous Stronghold to protect us, it will never be destroyed”


Notch has been bothered by a strange enigma since he became the appointed king, as the crowds rejoice and dragons helplessly attack the underwater kingdom, all seems to be right, except a voice out of nowhere came to Notch.

“ESCAPE!” A voice in Notch’s mind said.
“What?” Notch whispered.
“What is it King?” Blesyf said.
“Nothing my king” he replied.
Notch ran in his room then the voice continued.

“Escape before its too late!” A familiar voice spoke.
“Who are you?” He said.
“Escape king, Escape! Before its too late”
“What?” Notch whispered.
The voice stop, but then as Notch about to leave the room, the voice screamed in his head.

Notch fell in the ground, the guards rushed for help then he became unconscious.
He woke up with king Blesyf beside.
“The fire dragon still cant find a way to attack the stonghold Notch” he said.

“King we are all in danger, the stronghold will get destroyed” notch said.
“What is this?” Blesyf now annoyed.
“The stronghold will be destroyed! I dont know how or when but we are all in danger.
Nothc ran to the crowed and speaked.
“Tyrone Citizens! We are all in danger we must escape the stronghold now!”
The crowd and kings laughed, there is no way the stronghold will get destroyed in their mouths.

“I am with King Notch!” A woman with dark purple hair said.
“If you dont believe me then dont, but i must get out of this place.

Notch and Leila, the woman, set out with 2 horses and went out.
About a mile, they saw a lava dragon and water dragon going to Tyrone Stronghold.
The dragons spew lava and water to their mouth in the sky turning to huge chunks and boulders of stone to the stronghold.
“Dont look leila” Notch said.
Rocks and boulders went to the glass dome cracking it little by little, water spilling inside then a total collapse of the dome sent the Whole Kingdom of Tyrone a dead memory.

Part 4 up soon!

Minecraft PE: The Untold Story part 2

Notch was born to a rich and noble family. Living in Tyrone Kingdom of Swords, a dragon that came from Rine destroyed the kingdom and his whole family while very young. Notch has set his mind and heart to take revenge and bring justice to his family and the mighty Tyrone Kingdom.

Many years has passed and the war between the people of Craft and Rine still wages, Notch decided to go to Tyrone Stronghold, where the 7 kingdoms of Tyrone have built underwater. Tyrone Stronghold was built in any accident a kingdom was siege and fallen and where kings were protected.

As the only living citizen of the kingdom of the swords, Notch was granted by the 6 Kings as an honorable speaker of the swords.





“6 kings of Tyrone, i, Notch of the The kingdom of the swords, to seek help and justice to the fallen kindom” Notch said before the 6 remaining kings of tyrone.

“What can we do? The dragons of Rine keeps getting stronger” king Blesyf of the kingdom of Chants answered “my kingdom is in brink of collapse! My people are in riots!” He added

“Calm youself my king” king Draska of the kingdom of guilds said “my people have been strong, thank god Craft, but the dragon left my kindom in fire, but we managed to salvage our kingdom.

“You are all wrong my Kings!” Notch screamed.
“How dare you talk to us like that!” King Caslko of kingdom of heard screamed.

“Pardon me but our god Craft is behind the attacks” he said.
The whole room stood in silence, kings confused and noble people in awe.

“And i believe 1 of the remaining 6 kings is working with Craft”
“What is the meaning of this?” king Soraf of kindom of Sea stood up.

“This can’t be, you? A peasant of a dead kingdom dare and define a king of Tyrone… Traitor?!” King Soraf continued.

“Again my apologies, but my words are true, and This stronghold, this mighty castle of Tyrone underwater is in danger”

“Impossible!” King blesyf screeched.
“Even rine can’t destroy this castle, The Tyrone kingdoms built this for thousands of years!” Soraf added

Out of nowhere, a Sorman, a large group of guild that is only pledge to protect Tyrone Stronghold and the 7 kingdoms with no part.

“My kings! 3 dragons are above the Tyrone Ocean! And they have spotted our Dome!” The warrior reported.

The six stood shock.

Finally, Soraf said.
“Notch of the Swords, i appoint you King of the fallen kingdom and answer before us”
“Who is it?”

Notch replied
“King Draska of the Tyrone Kingdom of Guilds is Craft’s Apprentice!”

part 3 up soon!

Minecraft PE: THE UNTOLD STORY part 1


In the beginning, a paradise sprung out of the dark ocean, a big ball of light rose high above, and the moon and stars set place.
Not long, creatures became more advance and built kingdoms after kingdoms in the wide beautiful world. This creatures became known as STEVES.
Steves were excellent at farming, breeding animals and building shelter. They learned so much in the world they called CRAFT, so much they built more kingdoms until the ground of Craft are all covered.



Steves lived a joyfull lives, little did they know their world Craft is alive and dying. Craft loved the world and felt it is being destroyed.
She thought about it for hundreds of years until it finally built Rine, a strong evil Tower to rebuilt Craft and destroy all Steves and their creations.
Rine unleashed dragons, monsters and spirits hiding below ground in Craft’s heart.

It destroyed cities after cities, kingdoms over kingdoms and lives after lives. Kings and queens have fought hard, and warriors hardest but there is no stopping the Rine and its horrible monsters.

But then, under all destruction, under all evil, one steve rose and hoped to fight and destroy Rine, the steve? His name is… NOTCH.

(part 2 will be up soon!)