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Daily Tips#6

As much as possible, avoid contact of liquids in the SmartCover, it can destroy your case’s magnetic latch.


Daily Tip #5

Some people ignore the Apple Warranty, they’re confident enough to take care their iDevice without protection and coverage… That’s why we receive a lot of BROKEN complaints when apple provides the solution… THINK ABOUT IT.

We Strongly Recommend buy Apple Warranty, its not only for them but also saves a lot of your money savings.

Daily Tip #4

Having Software problems on your iOS device? Reset it by pressing the Home Button and Sleep/Wake button until it shuts down automatically, keep both pressed until the Apple Logo appears.

Daily Tip #3

You can save battery life and power by switching off notifications and turning on DO NOT DISTURB MODE.

Daily Tip #2

When you are buying a screen protector for you phone or tablet, choose the anti-glare products.
It gives off much light and vision then regular ones.

Change your screen protector every 1 or 1 and half year.


Daily Tips #1

Zoom In

Most iOS users dont know hot to zoom in their apps, unlike in browsing (pinch to zoom out/in), apps zoom is probably different on what you think it is.

You don’t have to have vision problems to want to see things on your screen a little easier. Your iPhone’s robust Accessibility suite includes a nifty option for zooming in that works on the Home screen and inside most apps.

Go to Settings.
Tap General > Accessibility > Zoom.
Turn Zoom on.
From here, use the following gestures to control the settings on-the-fly:

Auto-zoom in and out: double-tap the screen with 3 fingers
Manually zoom in and out: tap the screen with 3 fingers and then drag up or down
Navigate a zoomed-in screen: drag the screen with 3 fingers